Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrapbook Expo

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Scrapbook Expo held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. This was my third year attending and this time I knew how to plan accordingly.

 Rules for attending the expo:
1. Register online in advance to by pass the long on-site registration lines.
2. Before you go, make a list of things you would like to buy and know what their regular retail value is and what the best price could be (ie 40% and Jo-Anns etc). Some vendors charge more than retail so you have to be careful.
3. If the expo is multiple days, attend on the weekday. In the past I have attended this expo on Saturday and on Friday afternoon. Today I went Friday morning right when the doors opened. This time was far better because it was not as crowded. When I went on a Saturday you could hardly move around.
4. Take a tote bag.
5. Take your camera to take pictures of examples.
6. Take credit cards and cash. Some vendors only take cash and some have minimum purchases for credit card transactions.
6. Have cash for parking too. Parking for this expo was $5 per vehicle, per entry, so you can't leave and come back without paying for parking again.
7. Leave your big heavy purse in the car (and your coat).
8. There are no returns, so be sure before you buy.

I like attending the expo because I see products that are not found in local stores. Most of the vendors have websites, so if you like their products you can buy more online.

Below are my purchases for today:
Overview of all my expo purchases

Copics and Le Plume II markers
Basic Gray 6x6 Paper pads
Heart Doily die
example use for penguin stamp
example use for jar and bug stamp
Inky Antics stamps and honeycomb paper

Examples of cards with honeycomb paper:

So far I am happy with all of my purchases except the heart doily die. The package said it fits in most die cut machines, but when I tried it out at home it did not work in my cuttlebug. I looked on the website and it says it works in all of them except cuttlebug!! Bummer. Looks like I have a die for sale....

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